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Calling all junior to mid-level career professionals ready for change...

What if you felt confident and hopeful about your next career move?

Does This Sound Familiar?


You constantly feel bored at work


You feel like your job doesn't align with your values and the way you want to live your life


Your feelings about work are impacting how you show up in your personal life


You try to imagine other possibilities but quickly feel overwhelmed, unsure of what path you would choose

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Work Desk
If the answer is yes, then it's time for some support.
Learn About My Career Clarity & Transition Services

Start the Self-Guided Course

In this course, you will learn how to gain career clarity and make a full career transition.


If you aren't ready to enroll in a group program, this is a place to start. If you decide to enroll in the group program later, I will credit your course payment toward the group program.

A Value Driven Career Online Course

25+ Career Clarity and Job Search Videos

Resume and Cover Letter Templates

10+ Reflection Worksheets

Outreach Templates and Follow Up Messages 

Recommendations to Online Resources

Mindset Tips and Tricks for Overcoming Job Search Burnout

A Customized Job Tracker Tool for Networking and Job Searching

Specific Step-by-Step Tactics to Gain Career Clarity

Option one

A Value Driven Career
Online Course

  • Self-Guided Online Course

    • 24+ career clarity and job search videos

    • 10+ reflection worksheets

    • Email and resume templates

    • Customized job search tracker
      This course includes subtitles
      for accessibility

Unlimited access to the course

Option two

Individual Career Clarity Counseling

  • Access to 24+ career clarity and job search videos & and reflection worksheets

  • Access to Email and Resume Templates

  • Individual hour-long Zoom calls with recaps and homework


Gain confidence and clarity in the pursuit of your next step

Option three

Individual Resume Editing + LinkedIn Updates

  • One-on-one meeting to review your experience

  • Receive your resume in 5 business days

  • One round of customized edits

  • LinkedIn summary creation

$150 - $350

Schedule a consultation call for more information

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