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Transitioning Out of Marketing

Every two or three years, Robin found herself switching jobs in the hopes of finding a career that felt more fulfilling. She'd find a digital marketing position that seemed exciting and paid more, but once the sheen of a new job and challenge wore off, she was still unhappy.

“I felt like I was a shill for whatever company I was marketing,” she said. “It didn’t feel right in my soul.” Robin observed how marketing, though fun and creative, did not connect with her personal or moral values in the way that she had hoped.

Robin listened to this gut feeling and analyzed aspects of her current job, identifying what tasks she enjoyed the most. She also reviewed her core strengths She had always been a storyteller, but after majoring in journalism, she had not found a way to align that strength with her values. After some reflection, she noticed that she liked helping people feel united and keeping others informed. She observed how these skills translated into corporate communications while allowing for an element of creativity. It was an excellent match for her strengths and values combined.

Now Robin works as the Senior Corporate Communications Manager at Apex Tool Group. This role allows her to keep company associates informed, think creatively, support the human resources team, help with events, and more. It’s a role focused on relationship building and connection, two values that are an important part of Robin’s life. Additionally, as a DIYer and lifelong tool user, she loves that she can believe in the company's products and end-users.

I asked Robin, “If you were to offer advice to someone making a career transition, what would you share?” She answered thoughtfully and discussed how important it is to explore other roles within your current company and learn from the people around you. If your current role allows you to take on a new project, use that as an opportunity to dip your toes in. It’s also important to identify what aspects of your career you like and find parallels in other positions. Finally, lean into what motivates you and what brings you joy.

The one quote from my conversation with Robin that I’ll leave you with is: “Your work doesn’t define you. Find things that bring you joy outside of work so you can build a robust and exciting life.” And I would say Robin has done just that. She has a career that aligns with her values and a life outside of work, including multiple hobbies. I have the privilege of following her passion for creative, professional-level interior design on Instagram. Thank you for sharing your story and your zeal for life, Robin.

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