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You have the feeling that your job isn't the right fit, but you aren't sure where to go from here

In this course, you will learn how to gain career clarity and make an effective career transition from a previous recruiter, career coach, and therapist. I offer tactical solutions for finding career clarity and addressing mindset blocks. This course is concrete, detailed, and holistic. 

32 videos, over 2 hours of career transition material

10+ worksheets, reflection materials, resume and cover letter templates and a customized job search tool

Tips for research, websites, and helpful online resources like assessments 

Here's An Overview of What's Included

This course comes with nine different models leading you from initial career clarity to engaging in a full career transition.


It also includes email, resume, and cover letter templates; a job search tracking tool, suggested websites, and interactive worksheets. 

Check out the eBook for a shortened guide of what you can find in the course.

Making A Career Change

This includes six videos discussing why people make a career change, common challenges, what to expect when making a career change, mindset blocks, building confidence, and how our identity is tied into our job. 

Entering the Reflection Process

In these six videos, I deep-dive into reflection methods to help you gain career clarity. I reflect on past experiences, elements to take into account when making a change, values, strengths, and interests, and more!

Your Next Career Step

Throughout these eight videos, I explore ways to reflect on different opportunities, methods to research different jobs, and worksheets to engage in this process effectively. 

Targeting Your New Role

In these nine videos, I address how to rebrand yourself in the direction of a new job. I offer email, LinkedIn, resume, and cover letter templates. This includes job searching and networking tactics to ensure a successful career transition. I also include methods to avoid job search burnout from a career coaching and therapist perspective.

The Final Career Transition Steps

During these final three videos, I will explore how to interview and negotiate effectively. Additionally, we explore how to move into your new role successfully and avoid past mistakes in this new organization. 

By the End of This Course You Will Be Able To:


Determine what negative self-thoughts are holding you back and reflect on mindset barriers


Narrow down what career paths fit in with the life you want to lead and research this career path effectively


Work on rebranding your career story and application materials with customized templates


Engage in productive networking and informational interviews with outreach templates and tips


Determine an effective job search strategy for a career transitioner


Nail the interview and negotiate your offer to make a full career transition

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