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Why do you offer group coaching?

Attending consistent coaching is imperative in making a smooth career transition. While individual coaching can be helpful, group coaching offers a more affordable and supportive option. Group coaching has a greater impact on coping with mindset blocks in a career transition.

How does this program vary from other job search programs?

This program is specifically focused on helping you gain career clarity no matter where you are starting from. If you are thinking "I have no idea what I want to do" or you just want to narrow things down this program will help you find a job that aligns with who you are as a person.

Will this program help me find a dream job?

I approach career coaching from the perspective that there is no such thing as a dream job aka soul mate job. I believe a job has to align with your strengths and values. I take a holistic approach to career coaching that takes mental health into account.

Can I attend career coaching in place of therapy?

Career coaching is very different from therapy and is by no means a substitute for therapy. Many of my clients have their own therapists whom they work with outside of career coaching. In career coaching, I offer mindset support around the job search and career transition, but we do not work to address mental health symptoms or past trauma.

When is the group coaching and what if I cannot attend?

I offer two different options for group coaching each week. You will RSVP to the one you can attend. One will be offered after 5 PM EST and one during the day. These groups are offered every other week for the entire year. If you cannot attend catch the recap or recording.

How long does it take for people to make a career transition?

It varies from person to person based on where someone is starting in the process. I would say at minimum gaining career clarity and changing jobs takes about six months. This is why I offer unlimited access to group coaching sessions every other week.

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