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Coaching & Counseling

Determine if career counseling or career coaching is the best fit for your needs at this time. The two have some overlap but have different approaches and different goals. 

Life coaching


Through coaching, I offer concrete steps to identify a career path that aligns with your values. This is the best option if you are ready to change careers but need support determining the next steps in identifying what roles feel like a fit.​

I also help individuals rebrand their application materials, job search, and prepare for interviews by crafting their career story effectively.

Career coaching can take mental health into account, but will not involve processing any mental health challenges.

The goal of career clarity coaching is to identify your next career move and secure a new job that aligns with your values and fits in with your life holistically.

Business Presentation


Leadership and career counseling overlap with career coaching and executive coaching; however, it does not follow a specific program.

Counseling explores how past trauma and mental health challenges can impact your career, leadership style, and interactions at work.

Counseling allows for reflection on career paths but it does not involve resume editing or interview coaching. 

The goal of career counseling is to explore how trauma and past experiences impact your career. Through this reflection you can increase confidence, gain leadership skills, and cope with mental health challenges.

I offer counseling appointments through Envision Balance Counseling & Consulting PLLC.

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