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Hi There

I'm Megan -
Career Clarity Coach &
Mindset Coach

Previous recruiter and licensed therapist helping mid-level career professionals achieve career clarity and make a full career transition.

I am a career transitioner,
and you can be one too.

I've gone through two company-wide layoffs, creating self-doubt. I have worked with a career coach and deeply questioned the path that best aligns with my values. I've had to make tough decisions while dealing with many emotions. 

I have always had a passion for helping job seekers, and I have worked pro-bono for about five years until friends and family finally convinced me to pursue starting a company. With the support of these wonderful people, amazing mentors, and my career coach, I developed my company from a passion project to a significant part of my life. Working with a career coach is a leap of faith, and I hope to provide you with the support you need to go after your goals. Each individual I work with has lifetime access to my email support, even after completing their career packages. The reason for that is that I genuinely care about each individual I work with, and I want to see them feel fulfilled. 

I value your whole story.

Throughout my career, I have worked with people in various industries, from retail to marketing and engineering, to name a few. My passion lies in helping others uncover their sense of self within their career by better understanding their strengths, values, and interests. I leverage my experience recruiting for a Fortune 200 organization and start-up, as well as my experience working in college career counseling.

I currently work as a counselor and as a career coach. I keep the two jobs separate for ethical reasons. Anyone who works with me in career coaching cannot work with me in the counseling space and vice versa. The primary difference between coaching and counseling is that coaching is not focused on mental health healing. Coaching is focused on achieving a concrete goal, reflecting on career interests, following specific steps, and completing homework along the way. 

Being a counselor and career coach means I take the whole person into account when career coaching. I help individuals think about their careers within the scope of their life. With a bit of mindfulness and direction, I believe you can achieve career clarity and follow your career goals.

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Get to know my career background.


  • I am a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in NC

  • I have a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

  • I am a Certified Career Transition Coach through Career Thought Leaders

  • I am a member of the North Carolina Career Development Association (NCCDA) 


  • I have worked in human resources and recruiting for 6+ years

  • I have worked with/for other career coaches

  • I have been through two company-wide layoffs

  • I have worked in college career counseling

  • I have worked as a counselor for ~3 years

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