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I don't create your path, I just help you

discoveR it 

Helping individuals navigate career transitions from a holistic perspective


I can help you gain clarity in your career and in your job search. If you are feeling stressed and exhausted from your journey, let me provide a road map. With these directions, I can empower you to take concrete steps toward your goals. I offer holistic career coaching services, taking the whole person into account, as well as systemic bias faced in the job search. I want you to find a job you enjoy that fits with the life you care about. 


My services include career coaching through education and reflection, with a touch of mindfulness. I work to create an inclusive coaching environment that is supportive of people of all backgrounds and experiences.

I help those seeking career clarity and job search support through structured packages and individual coaching sessions.


Finding a job that feels like the right fit can make all the difference. I have been through career changes and layoffs. I know what it's like to struggle with finding a job that really feels meaningful. This is why I started Myers Career Coaching LLC, because I love seeing others feeling fulfilled in their careers. 

I am a previous human resources professional and recruiter that has transitioned into counseling and career coaching. With my background in human resources, college career counseling, and therapy, I hope to provide education, support, and resources to those seeking a new job or new career path. 

When I'm not career coaching or counseling, I'm usually outside running, hiking, backpacking, or dreaming of traveling to a National Park.


"Megan was fantastic. She did an excellent job reviewing my resume and giving me detailed advice on job searching/timeline for applying. I had an interview last week, and she was flexible in scheduling a last minute mock interview with me ahead of time. She did a great job tailoring the mock interview for the job, and providing feedback and practice that made me much more comfortable during the interview-she even brought up potential questions I wouldn't have thought of that were asked!"

Margaret / Environmental Scientist

"I would highly recommend Megan for any of your career coaching needs! She was an immense help when I was beginning my search for a new job as a Senior Software Engineer. From thorough resume editing, to crafting an elevator pitch, to discovering ideal positions - she is well versed on what hiring managers are looking for and presents her feedback in a kind and direct way."

Drew / Software Engineer